A Heavenly Phenomenon

Written by Dr Sim Choo Jek   
Thursday, 05 March 2009

A Heavenly Phenomenon

God has given us very good foundation stones to strengthen our stakes:
the stone of righteousness
the stone of holiness
Many people today are going for short term gain but they are not building for eternity, and not building to leave a legacy. Don’t do that! We are here for the long haul, not for a moment of quick profits. Many times as Christians, we say give me, give me, but God is asking us, as we grow towards maturity, what can you contribute to My Kingdom: even My Kingdom in Australia? Our answer should be: it is not what You can give me, but can I be Your collaborator, Lord? It becomes no more me, me, me – it is You, You, You.


We need a world perspective, Beloved
The church has come to such an isolationist policy – merely ‘my’ church, without regard to the Kingdom of God. So often we are myopic: focusing on a carnal vision of ‘my’ work. However, when we are liberal and generous in our hearts regarding God’s Kingdom, we will never lack. If God calls you to a local work, that’s fine. But let’s become ‘Body of Christ’ people. Only then can we be large like that. We cannot be large just looking at our own little corner.


Raise Up Others For the Glory of God
Peter Drucker, the father of management says that, today, many people only look at the little things, rather than look at the whole perspective. Instead, see problems as opportunities. One thing Peter Drucker wants to leave behind: to see many more people in whom he has put his life.

That’s my desire too: to raise up many more people for the glory of God.
We need to be pace setters
Every one of us is a CEO: a Chief Executive Officer
As God’s CEO’s, we have a strategic knowledge of God that gives us a special flavour
Realise that there are people observing us.


Get Out of the ‘Box Mentality’
For the last two hundred or more years, the church has been set on an ecclesiastical, denominational flavour: simply following a set pattern. Beloved, God is breaking these denominational mind-sets. Therefore, we must hear from God, and do the things that God wants us to do.

One time I woke up and God kept giving me a vision of a box. He said to me: get out of your’ box mentality’. So often, we follow someone else’s pattern of doing things. Don’t do that! Hear God and do what He says. We are stifled in what God calls us to be, when we are subjected under a denominational framework. We become rigid and inflexible to what the Holy Spirit wants to do. Therefore,
Build on righteousness
Build on holiness.


Walking By God’s Grace
Surprisingly, holiness has the power to possess. When we love God more and more, God gives us this power and ability. When we continue to walk by the grace of God, He enlarges us; enlarges our property; and enlarges our management. ZEC 4:6 … `Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty.


Phenomenon from Heaven:
When we want God’s structure, Psalm 25:21 says, Let integrity and uprightness preserve me. There are Christian companies who have been running for over one hundred years already. How and why do they continue for so long? J C Penny was an orphan and he built up a whole chain of stores in America, something like Woolworths.  He became so powerful in the hand of the Master that before he died, he was tithing more than 90% of his wealth. His 10% was worth millions of dollars.

The more we sow, the more comes back. That is the key. When we are able to sow 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, we have to know that our wealth has become multiplied many more times. That is a phenomenon from heaven, Beloved: God’s divine multiplication and calculation is beyond earthly mathematics. In more than twenty-seven years, I have never seen people become poorer when they sow. It is not just money, but everything – wholesome living,


Being Rich In God Is A Mentality
We can stay in poverty, wanting other people to bless us, and there is nothing wrong with that. But we can also be a blessing. I prefer to give to you, so that I can be a testimony unto God when I teach on finance. Because many businessmen have a certain mindset and are not blessed, they are so afraid to let go and let God. When we sow, let us have the mentality God will bless us, and it is a great opportunity for us to bless others.
Sowing is not losing. Sowing is gaining. 2CO 9:6 Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows abundantly will also reap abundantly.  No other factors govern sowing and reaping.