Written by Dr Sim Choo Jek   
Thursday, 05 March 2009

RO 14:12 So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.


God has said in His Word that, sooner or later, He will come to judge everyone who violates His Word and His righteousness. Remember,

1CO 6: 19 … You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price.

That price is the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Judgment and accountability go together. At this time, God is judging the dishonest balances in the earth:

PR 11:1 The LORD abhors dishonest scales,

but accurate weights are his delight.

This is the system God is judging:

  • Fear
  • Greed
  • The Debt Factor



In our finances, God’s principle is savings-financing, rather than debt financing. If we cannot control debt properly, and use it wisely, our finances are extremely shaky. We can overdo it and become greedy, wanting some more, some more, some more. Then we can go beyond the ability to repay. When a sudden crash comes, we find out how affordable those things really are.

Recently, this Debt Structure problem hit two big companies: Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Because their clients wanted a higher yield, in view of lower interest rates, these companies packaged mortgages to sell off at higher yields. Suddenly, people couldn’t pay their mortgages, so Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac began to sell to foreign investors. That’s why these companies began to collapse. They had also assumed support from the government of the United States of America. But the companies went “bust”.

Over the years of credit expansion, a lot of money has filtered into the USA through cheap interest, and lowering interest rates. Borrowing for all sorts of things has occurred. Banks consider borrowing to be a good thing, so they kept lending. However, the banks didn’t assess the people’s reliability to pay back. Their attitude was “lend and keep lending”. Developers have been happy because houses kept on selling, and building continued. When interest rates went up a little, people started to feel shaky. Supply exceeded demand. Like the situation in the Philippines a few years ago.

  • The banks kept on lending
  • Then the price of the house goes below the value of the mortgage
  • People couldn’t repay
  • So the bank forecloses – but the bank is then left with these houses


Repentance: the Way to God’s Protection

Beloved, when God is judging the system, no man or philosophy or devil can thwart the plan of God. The only way for you and I to survive through it, is “repentance”.  Repentance is the foundation of faith: no repentance – no faith. God’s judgment begins with the family of God.

1PE 4:17 For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be, for those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Therefore, repent, i.e. judge yourself. When we judge ourselves, and come to God honorably, humbly and in His righteousness, God says, I will hide you.


As Christians, the way to come out of this whole financial crisis is to come back to God honorably. Some of us may have abused the system too, and done unwise things. Therefore, come to God in repentance having judged yourself.

1CO 11: 31 But if we judged ourselves, we would not come under judgment.

Just come humbly to the Lord and say, Lord, I’m sorry.


Stewardship Accountability

Regarding stewardship, God will require an account, especially from

  • Those who have squandered His finance so easily
  • Those who have given no thought to His Gospel and His Kingdom
  • Those who has been willing to lose money in the marketplace by millions of dollars, and still be unwilling to finance the Gospel, His Kingdom, and His Sanctuary.

This is why judgment will shake every system to the root.


Beloved, realize that everything we have belongs to God. Many times we struggle and are in conflict within our minds proclaiming, This is mine. However, God unequivocally is our Provider. If God didn’t provide for us, we would have nothing. I could be the best dentist in town, but if God didn’t send in patients, all I would have is fresh air and sunshine. I may have all the skill of earning money but without God sending patients in, I’m finished.


Giving Tithes and Offerings Honors God

God is the Most High, the Possessor of Heaven and earth – the Owner. If you and I don’t relate our lives to God in that manner, if we think everything is ours and not God’s, we have a big problem. Remember,

  • We will have to give an account to the Lord. RO 14:12
  • Judgment begins in the House of God. 1 PE 4:17

Christians! We must honor God properly now! Everything is being shaken. Money in banks cannot survive. Only tithing protects our finance. Make this first step first: tithe! Yet when we tithe, we have not yet given to God. We have honored God and He says I trust you. That’s all! God’s trust is worth millions of dollars, which He can release through your hands. His Heavenly resources are unlimited. Nothing is more important than to be trusted by God.


It is a serious problem when God cannot trust us. I have to say to you, by trying to do many other investments, you will not stay; you will not hold; you will not last. This is not to frighten you, but as God’s sons and daughters, God’s prescribed way for blessing and protection is by tithes and offerings. Offerings multiply your finance. Beloved, money into a fixed deposit at 7.7%, in Australia is not bad compared to other nations. Yet I say to you, there is a better investment than the banks, and that is the Kingdom of God which gives a return of thirty-fold, a sixty-fold, one hundred-fold, and a thousand-fold (DT 1: 11). The word “abundance” actually means ten thousand-fold. Be wise! Invest in God’s Kingdom which will never collapse.


Beloved, God is a great accountant. God knows everything we have done or have not done – even the deepest feelings of a man’s heart, his thoughts and intentions. Everything, even our whole body, belongs to God. We are accountable.