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  • God Calls Us To Give

    Beloved, by honoring God, He honors us. Therefore, when God asks us as a company of people to give of our substance, there should be no anxious wondering about supply. The supply has already come in. Let me say again, Christians are not governed by the world. Our economy is not governed by the world […]

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  • Places, Purposes and Anointing

    God has decreed certain places for certain purposes. For example, some churches have  inspired worship. Whether or not we felt like worshiping God at first, in that anointing, we get excited to sing. In another church, there may be a tremendous teaching anointing, with revelation flowing into your life, and then you also can teach […]

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  • Righteousness Part 3

    Wednesday, 26 August 2009 The characteristics of a righteous person are that he is gracious, generous, and always giving. If we’re righteous, and yet struggling to give, then something is not right in our righteousness. When we’re willing to let go for the glory of the Gospel, for the Good News, God will come to […]

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  • Have a Spiritual Home

    You will struggle if you don’t have the Lord’s favor. We must follow God’s modus operandi. Everybody needs a home: a natural home and a spiritual home. In the business world, you must stay planted in God, your Provider. He is our life-Source. Whatever you do, there are thousands of people doing the same type […]

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  • After You’re Planted, the Favor Comes

    Beloved, if we are not connected with God, and staying close to the people of God, we will be left alone, wondering. For example, if you give me a chili plant and I keep it in my office, it will not grow unless I plant it in soil. It will eventually die. You must be […]

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  • The Key is Understanding

    When the supernatural intervention of God comes at a particular time for your particular need, the whole of Heaven will converge to make it happen. That’s favor!In Esther’s time, there were so many beautiful virgins. All were prepared and equipped and went through a year’s purification. But Esther stood out. Favor! Joseph stood out. Daniel […]

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  • Righteousness Part 2

    Wednesday, 26 August 2009 PR 13: 15  Good understanding wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard. So they had to have people come to serve at the tables. Another version says, “a person with good sense is respected. A treacherous person walks on the rocky road. PR 22: 1 A good name […]

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  • Be Governed by God

    Everybody goes through challenges. We have to stand on God’s promises through God’s Word. PS 112 says we are not governed by the circumstances of life, or lack, or fear or bad news. We fear no evil tidings. One characteristic of the righteous is that they “disperse abroad”: they give to those in need, “and […]

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  • Jesus Paid It All And Gave …

    This is not theory or mere theology. Rather it’s sharing practical living and impartation. We can only impart what is real in our life. Everyday, thank the Lord for His grace. Thank God that He 2 CO 5:21 … made Him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in Him we […]

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  • Meditate on God’s Precepts

    If we don’t understand this spiritual truth, yet try to do everything without being connected to God as our Source, we can’t grow. I’ve known some people who, over twenty years, are still floating – without roots. Good understanding comes to those who apply it according to God’s precepts in the Word of God.   […]

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