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Living and Walking in (His) Righteousness

  • Mar 22

    Starts: March 22, 2018 @ 7:30 pm

    Ends: March 25, 2018 @ 9:30 am

    Place: Resurrection Life Ministries, 2291 Beaudesert Rd, Calamvale, QLD, 4116

211th School of Ministry | Living and Walking in (His) Righteousness


Mrs Ong-Ang Ai Boon has been working in the banking sector since 1969 and today holds the job as the Director of The Association of Banks in Singapore for the past 36 years.

Ai Boon had an interesting encounter with Christ and was born-again in 1983 while seeking the meaning to life, having worshipped idols for several years before that. She is an elder at City Missions Church and is also the honorary Secretary of its Board of Leaders. Together then with her late husband who was born-again in 1983, she is today an active church member as well as a regular speaker at church meetings/cell groups sharing the “inner coat” in her walk with the Lord applying and living Christian life principles in the workplace (and at home) according to word of God.


Living and Walking in (His) Righteousness


1 Cor 1:18                            – The Cross (of Christ), the Power of God

1 Th 1:4                                 – Chosen and Beloved

Rom 9:15-16                       – Man’s Will or God’s Will

Heb 4:11                              – To enter God’s rest

Jas 2:8                                   – Fulfilling the Royal Law

1 Jn 4:17                               – Confidence in the Day of Judgement

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