Holy Spirit Empowered 

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Good morning saints, as I started to pray, the Holy Spirit continues to bring names unto my remembrance to pray! It is so refreshing to pray for different saints from different nations including Australia.
The Holy Spirit brought John 17:2 for me to pray and declare upon the saints that are infirmed! As I pray I also declare John 17:2 that God has given authority over all flesh, that is, Jesus Christ is lord over so and so’s body, his or her cells, organs, the discomfort or infirm parts of their spirit, soul, their mind and body!
Also declared that in 
Matthew 8:17… “Jesus has taken all his or her sickness and infirmities.”
It is the Holy Spirit puts into me to intercede for the saints! It is so refreshing and so good for the saints!
As I finish these writings I am continuing my prayers with the blessed Holy Spirit!
He make intercession for the saints! Praise and thank the goodness of the Godhead!
Jesus loves the saints and can remember all your names! Be healed and that the Father God will answer all your prayers tonight until morning!
Thank God for remembering you!