Meaningful Mindfulness

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Good morning saints I would like to share a verse that is very meaningful and beneficial to me.

Psalm 49:3, “My mouth shall speak wisdom,
And the meditation of my heart shall give understanding (insight, profound thought)”

Thus day by day as the Holy Spirit brings up verses for us to rehearse in our mind or thought (meditation).

Some of the verses we may have read before and some are new. This is what has been explained, that meditation is like the process of “regurgitation” or “mulling” (think about deeply and at length)

“Mulling” over a verse or thought repeatedly by the help of the Holy Spirit often brings out insight, depth of thinking and understanding, which can bring ideas, future possibilities, creativity and wisdom.

The whole Bible is given by the Holy Spirit for us to enjoy-the knowledge of the Godhead—the length, the breath, the height and depth of their ways or the modus operandi of the Godhead.and His attributes.

As we daily meditate on the Bible, we will be enriched in our walk, relationship and experience with the Godhead in our lives!
Their reality and manifested presence in our daily living.

Then our mouth shall speak wisdom through The Lord’s resurrection life!

I like to share some of the verses that I recently enjoyed mulling
In my heart and thoughts! You will have many other verses that you have been delighting in!
1) Romans 6:22
2) Psalm 112
3) John 6:27-29
4) Ezekiel 40:4

God bless you always