Righteousness Part 3

Written by Dr Sim Choo Jek

The characteristics of a righteous person are that he is gracious, generous, and always giving. If we’re righteous, and yet struggling to give, then something is not right in our righteousness. When we’re willing to let go for the glory of the Gospel, for the Good News, God will come to bless us. This is the way of anticipation and expectation.

Places, Purposes and Anointing
God has decreed certain places for certain purposes. For example, some churches have  inspired worship. Whether or not we felt like worshiping God at first, in that anointing, we get excited to sing. In another church, there may be a tremendous teaching anointing, with revelation flowing into your life, and then you also can teach others. That’s impartation.

Though the world circumstances are very difficult at present, there is an anointing for finance in this Ministry. When we follow God in tithes and offerings, He  protects us materially, and as we honor God, eventually His blessings overtake us. The Lord at times challenges us. However, we have to stop our minds from rationalization, or else we could miss a miracle. The moment we don’t sow is the moment we lose.

God Calls Us To Give
Beloved, by honoring God, He honors us. Therefore, when God asks us as a company of people to give of our substance, there should be no anxious wondering about supply. The supply has already come in. Let me say again, Christians are not governed by the world. Our economy is not governed by the world either. We should shine, though there is darkness all around. I believe this is a time in God, of great harvest.

Position and Understanding
God wants us to understand what is happening in the world, and in the spiritual realm: the depths of the heart and mind of God as He ‘speaks’ through His word. Then we can catch what God is saying, be in the right place at the right time, and position ourselves for what God wants to occur in and through us. The level of our understanding determines the levels of our harvest, blessings and possessions.

It is wonderful to have knowledge and be informed, but in fact, we are constantly bombarded with information. Therefore, we need understanding to be able to assess that information. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. However, knowledge has the capacity to ‘puff up’ with pride. 1 COR 8: 1.

Examine One’s Life
The parable of the Sower of the Seed shows there are: four soils where seed have been sown. MT 13: The first type of soil was where seed fell by the wayside, that is, the people did not understand because the devil came and took away the seed of the Word of God.  The last type of soil, the good soil, was where people could understand, and it produced a return of thirty-fold, sixty-fold and hundred-fold. Are we producing a return and bearing fruit”/ When we look at ourselves, our families, our lives, our business and ministry, we need to examine,”Lord, have I made progress in life with the seed you have sown into my life?” The difference in understanding is the thirty-fold, sixty-fold, or a hundred-fold return.

The Bible is never wrong.
HOS 4:6 my people perish from lack of knowledge.
People every day are inquiring what stocks and shares to buy or not to buy. They ask whether we face ‘hyperinflation’ or ‘deflation’. Through Bible study, I believe it has to be ‘hyperinflation’.A day will come as it is REV 6:6:
“A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages,     and do not damage the oil and the wine!”
A loaf of bread will cost a day’s wage. That’s hyperinflation. By simply printing money, sooner or later, the money system will be inflated and devalued.  Taking the example of gold in Australia a few years’ ago, to buy one ounce of gold was approximately $500.00 AUD. Today, we need over $1200.00 AUD . Just for one gold coin! The gold price goes up with inflation.

The level of your understanding determines the level of your harvest. Let us abound in thanksgiving and seize open doors of God’s favor, possibilities, connection, resources, and finances.