Seeking the Hidden Value

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As I was starting to do a book study on Luke, I came to realise how much untold wealth, worth and value in the Bible! 
There was a man in Omaha and his name was called John Mihok. His father gave him a red coloured stone from Hungary many years ago. He did not consider anything about it and his children were praying with that big red pebble!
John had a dream and dreamt that in the red stone was an expensive diamond buried in it. John thought the diamond was white but the stone was red in colour.
He decided to bring that stone to a lapidary to examine the red pebble!
The lapidary named Gustaf Hillman saw it and asked John where did he get this red stone! Then John explained that he got from his father.
Mr Hillman said this red stone is very valuable and was not just a red stone but it was a pigeon, blood ruby which was worth from a hundred to two hundred and fifty thousand! John was so shocked when he was told the value of that red stone. Gustaf managed to design a 23 and 9/10 carats ruby gemstone! The biggest in America and they said would would be the biggest in the world!
Saints this is like our Bible, precious words from the Living God! As you start to dig into it you will find expensive nuggets of truth that are more precious than gold and silver!
Enjoy your time with your bible, treasure it and will impart to you and me for our daily wisdom and guidance and also eternal worth that money cannot buy!
God bless you
from Ps. Sim