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Unless Christ is Lord of all He is not Lord at all

This was spoken by the apostle to Islam. He, Samuel Marinus Zwemer was an American Missionary who studied Islam for nearly thirty years. 

He was a missionary to Egypt and Arabia. Jesus Christ cannot be a part of us but Jesus wants to be enthrone in every are of our life.

In the same vein, Pastor Adrian Rogers also pastored a great church in America was invited to speak revival meetings in Romania  by the outstanding Romanian Pastor Josef Son, after the fall of communism.

Pastor Josef was tortured, beaten and persecuted for nearly 25 years

By the Communist regime in Romania. He stood steadfastly for His faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. After the fall of communism, Pastor Josef invited Pastor Rogers to speak in Romania.

Pastor Rogers asked Pastor Josef how he felt about Christianity in America. He said that in around 1960, the churches in America have replaced the word “Surrender” for “commitment.

Pastor Josef explained the difference, when you say you are committed, you mean that you are still in control. For example when you said you are committed to pray or saved souls, it meant that you are still in control when and where you want to save souls or pray, as compared to the total surrender unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

When you use the word “surrender” it means that Jesus Christ is on the throne of your life!

Question today as Christians, we need to examine ourselves whether we have abdicated self on the throne and Jesus Christ is on the throne!

Have we surrendered our thought life, our emotions, our feelings, our tongues, temper, our time, our finances, our marriage to the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to declare every day and every moment of our life, that Jesus Christ is Lord!


“Lord Jesus Christ we want to declare like Thomas when he had examined you, Thomas said “Jesus You are my Lord and God”

John 20v28


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