Trust & Obey


Many occasions in the Bible, the Lord God tells us what is required of us and many times the lord God does not tell us the “how to do” nor tell us “to figure out”

Thus The Lord God just want us to believe and to act out His command or instructions:-

For example, the Lord God told Moses to circumcise the male child at 8 days old.

1) Leviticus 12:3, “And in the eighth day, the flesh of the foreskin shall be circumcised”

Yet about 3500 years later, medical science has confirmed that during the eighth day, the amount of vitamin K
Willl spike and together with the plasma prothrombin will form blood clot! God’s words are true!

2) Luke 5:4, “When he (Jesus) had stopped speaking, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”

However, Simon let down a net! No wonder the catch was so large,
Nearly breaking the net!”

Obedience to the Lord’s instruction is so crucial for a miracle breakthrough.

Believe the season of supernatural breakthrough! God bless all of you for an exciting new season of the reality of Christ and His Word.

God bless Ps. Sim

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