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Prudence : Proverbs 31

Good morning saints, the word prudent Hebrew (sakal) can mean success, prosper also mean wisely understand. In the Book of Proverbs, there are many beautiful

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Prudent – Good Success

Good morning saints,I would like to share the word prudent, that has been used in the bible many times. The word “prudent”in Hebrew is “Sakal” which

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Holy Spirit Empowered 

Good morning saints, as I started to pray, the Holy Spirit continues to bring names unto my remembrance to pray! It is so refreshing to

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Good morning beloved saints, as I am planning to write little blogs on biblical finance, one word that is commonly used in the secular world

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The anchor of our Living Faith!

Good Morning Saints, some Scriptures for our daily Meditation:- 1) Look unto our Lord Jesus Christ-our Chief Cornerstone, our Sure Foundation in every circumstance of life! Our

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