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Insights for The Prudent Wife

Good morning saints, I felt to share a few contrasting points between a prudent and a foolish wife A) In Proverbs 31:30, I believe a prudent wife honours and fears God.  In

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Prudence : Proverbs 31

Good morning saints, the word prudent Hebrew (sakal) can mean success, prosper also mean wisely understand. In the Book of Proverbs, there are many beautiful descriptions regarding the characteristics of

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Prudent – Good Success

Good morning saints,I would like to share the word prudent, that has been used in the bible many times. The word “prudent”in Hebrew is “Sakal” which can mean “good success” In Joshua

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Holy Spirit Empowered 

Good morning saints, as I started to pray, the Holy Spirit continues to bring names unto my remembrance to pray! It is so refreshing to pray for different saints from

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Good morning beloved saints, as I am planning to write little blogs on biblical finance, one word that is commonly used in the secular world is called “economy” The word. “Economy”

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