The Hand of God has turned the tide” Psalm 118:16 MSG


Good morning saints,

On the Tuesday afternoon, I felt the Lord asking me to sit quietly and silently before Him.
I went to my room and did that! Soon later God impressed upon me the verse, Jeremiah 33:3! I started to read the different versions of the verse, repeatedly within myself. 
The verse said “Call unto God and He will answer me and show me great and mighty things I do not know of”
Other versions of Jeremiah 33:3 (paraphrase) are:-
1) great and hidden things (ESV)
2) great and incomprehensible things. (CSB)
3) remarkable secrets (NLT)
4) great and unsearchable things (NIV)
5) great and mysterious things (NET)
6) great and hidden things (RSV)
7) great things and difficult (ASV)
Early this morning as I was prompted to read
Psalm 118:15-16 in a few versions, I get excited about what the Holy Spirit is saying through the few bible versions!
1) shout of victory in the camp of the righteous
2) the Hand of the Lord has turned the tide!
Make me so excited and began to pray for the many saints over the Nation! That the Hand of the Lord has turned the tide for them!
3) celebrate deliverance in the tents of the Godly
4) Shouts of victory and hear the triumph songs in the camp of the saved!
I believe before the close of December 2021, expect to receive and experience and see the Hand of God has come to turn the tide in your life and situation!
Go forth and rejoice triumphantly good surprises from your God!
Have a great festive season! God bless Dr Sim!


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