Your situation does not determine your final outcome!

Written by Dr Sim Choo Jek   

“…our perception of delay is God’s appointed time for a miracle”

Sometimes we say  to oneself that God had not heard my prayers or I have missed the boat! At times we may think that God has ignored me!

On 11th April 1912, Pastor Stuart Holden of St. Paul’s Church England who was invited to speak in the Christian Convention in New York on the 20 April 1912, was planning to set sail on the Titanic to New York.

On the same day, Holden’s wife felt ill. Holden decided to stay back with his wife and thus did not board the Titanic.

He must have felt disappointed, however when he heard later that the Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean, he began to realise the Lord’s hand of redemption and preservation over their lives.

He wrote in Psalm 103:4, “He has redeemed me from destruction and crowns me with His loving kindness and tender mercies”

In Isaiah 40:27, “ Oh Jacob why do you say the Lord does not see your troubles, O Israel how can you say God ignores your rights”

Thus we must trust in the Sovereignty of God that sometimes our disappointment has turned into an opportunity. Sometimes we may feel that God has ignored my troubles or Has by passed me!

Sometimes we may complain that the Lord did not see my troubles but be assured that our perception of delay is God’s appointed time for a miracle.

God bless,
Dr Sim

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